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Chapter 2 - Page 38
Chapter 2 - Page 38

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DeoxyriboNucleic Anarchy... Updates Sundays!! Anarchy - noun - Confusion, Chaos, Disorder In a world of chaos and confusion, sparked by the appearance of an evil creature calling himself "Adenine", a young girl awakes to a land unfamiliar and with no recollection of her past. Join Mynk as she tries to adapt to life in this strange world, while trying to keep her new found friends out of harms way and come to the bottom of her biggest mystery - who is she... and how did she come to be here?


We're back!

Sorry for the wait, but Chapter two has finally kicked off today!! \o/
I hope you all continue to enjoy following the comic and look forward to hearing your thoughts!!
I hope to Launch DNA's very own website in the near future! Until then, you can catch me here or over at

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